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F(x) 2.0

F(x) Publisher's Description

F(x) is a powerful applet (application) environment designed for Symbian OS. F(x) offers tools to aide personal and professional productivity in various industries including finance, engineering, medicine, film production, networking and many others.


  • Powerful programmable calculator and formula evaluation system.
  • Complete set of customizable conversion tools.
  • Helpful in every-day life to perform basic tasks such as:
    Mathematical calculations: areas and volumes of objects.
    Business calculations: tax, markups, salaries, mortgages etc.
  • Includes applets for professionals: business, finance, medical, engineering and more.
  • Convenient way of taking notes.


  • Applet library includes applets that can be helpful to businesses employees in various areas : engineering, medicine, finances etc.
  • Ability to transmit interactive fill-out forms, reports and calculations via SMS, MMS and E-Mail (between employee peers or to managers).
  • Support for and ability to exchange stored data.
  • Applets run on all Symbian devices.
  • Optional in-house customization and development of applets.
  • Low-cost rapid development cycle (if customization required).


  • Powerful on-device development environment.
  • Only basic knowledge of programming concepts required.
  • Rapid development cycle.
  • On-line documentation of the programming language features.
  • Responsive support from our development team.


  • Powerful programmable calculator and formula evaluation system.
  • Complete set of customizable conversion tools.
  • Applicable to wide range of sciences such as physics, mathematics, engineering, business and finance, medicine.
  • Helpful to understand fundamental principles of programming.
  • Applet library includes many formulas applicable to various sciences; these formulas can be studied and interacted with directly on your smart-phone.
  • Teachers can offer students interactive workshops.
  • Teachers can quiz students using interactive forms created in F(x), which when filled can be submitted back to the teacher.

Development functionality of F(x) is intended only for users with prior knowledge of programming fundamentals.


  • Easy to use applet management interface.
  • Real-time applet execution during editing.
  • Unicode compiler (multilingual support).
  • Simplified C-like language syntax.
  • Full set of arithmetic, logical and binary operators.
  • Date and time calculation functions.
  • Support for conditions, loops, arrays, matrices, strings etc.
  • Graphing, plotting, bar charts, pie charts and histograms.
  • CSV file processing (retrieval and storage).
  • Customizable constant database includes 300+ unit conversion constants offering over 5000 combinations.
  • Includes over 120 internal functions.
  • Supports sending content via SMS and E-Mail.
  • Dynamic variables (specifying input data without editing applets) using customizable user interface controls.
  • Separately installable and on-line (GPRS) upgradeable applet library.

The goal of f(x) is to bring a capable on-device applet and formula development environment to the world of portable Symbian devices. f(x) compiles and executes applets in real-time as the user edits them, providing immediate feedback, results and syntax analysis.

F(x) applet engine is based on 64 bit floating point and 64 bit integer arithmetic, allowing high precision calculations (providing floating point resolution of approximately 2.225074 * 10-308 to 1.797693 * 10+308 with 15 decimal places of precision, and integer resolution of +/- 9,223,372,036,854,775,807).

F(x) unicode applet parser treats each applet as a separate text file, allowing for any language to be used inside f(x) applets and making it possible for the user to create applets on his/her PC as well as exchange them with one another via e-mail.

F(x) database of constants includes support for conversion between 280+ units. Once installed, f(x) applet library and constant database can be updated directly from your Symbian device.

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